Saturday, March 27, 2010

Philo & Sophy painting progress

I love talking with other artists about what its like when you're forcing yourself to create something. It SUCKS. We all love making art, but when you're not feelin it, it is probably better for everyone to just sleep. I had a schedule at this point to finish 2 paintings a week. I had made it through the store opening and the holidays. It was now the end of January. 2 paintings a week turned out to be more like, 5-8 paintings started, 0 finished. I didn't start finishing paintings until March.
It was easier to work on all the paintings that had the girl in them at once. All the paintings with dogs in them at the same time, etc. I almost can't imagine working on just one piece at a time.

More in-progress work here.


  1. I think it actually helps keep everything cohesive. I remember the featured artist at one of the UAG Gallery Openings was describing how she would work on many paintings at once. Doing passes until she ran out of color. I thought it made a lot of sense for this type of work. Saves mixing type and helps keeps certain consistency in palettes. I'd be interested to know what you think this method affected your paint use and process?

  2. Oh yeah I remember - that was Thomasa Neilson. Well I saved a lot of time mixing paint and saved paint too by doing it this way. It also kept the style more consistent. It was all around good.