Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ultraviolet Progress

Some more progress on the illustrator file for Ultraviolet Cafe can. Changing colors and opacities, adding shapes.


  1. You have the best use of colors!!!

  2. would make a nice mural, great illustration

  3. I like the style here. It's fun and simple but not boring to look at.

  4. Robyn, I love your little coffee can decorations. are they really going on trash cans as well in Troy?
    What a surprise it was to find you on my blog . Never thought that anybody would find me there!!!!! I was just doing it to stay in touch with Ed via little things while I am here in Gemany for these long 2 months.
    It's going well, thouhg, here. I think I am helping my sister and brother and that was the purpose.
    Hope your store is doing well now during the holiday season.And especially you and Jorge