Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12 Week Challenge - week 2

Week 2's assignment went a little bit faster for me I think because after completing week 1, and since I've been brewing all these thoughts in my head while working on my book, I had been thinking about this a lot. Getting it out on paper was the natural next step.

I read we will start creating work next week for the 12WC, but I've already prepped a board so I can work on the cover illustration for Philo & Sophy. I can't wait to bring the show down and photograph the work so we can get it printed. I keep thinking of this then remembering, "OH, I gotta do that cover...".

The assignment:

Create a 1-page strategic business plan for your project/career. Here it is:

Robyn Diaz Illustration OGSM

To work independently as an Illustrator, and travel with my family

earn an income of 50k this year
get work within the editorial market
form relationships with publishers and art directors

begin sending self promotional materials quarterly
maintain my blog with updated work, weekly
collect contacts through online resources and podcasts
continue to create work for my portfolio
sell prints of my work through etsy and my website and UAG
sell my children's book through my website and through lulu
mail my childrens book to potential publishers
Actions to take:
photograph my most current work for promo materials
design my promo materials
promote my etsy site
participate in Illustration Friday to develop my conceptual work
Contact art directors, at reps, and publishers
publish my book for the ipad

responses from my mailers
feedback from art directors or publishers
followers on my blog
income from illustration work
income from selling prints online
income from selling my book online
responses from publishers to my book
more work in my portfolio/editorial pieces

This is so OCD I'm almost embarrassed to post it, but I'm sharing, so here is my OGSM chart. next post will involve art, I promise:

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  1. looks good Robyn, nice to see you have a plan and running with it! you've got talent and heart, someone will see it.