Monday, June 9, 2014

Se Feliz

I haven't been making art lately. Wait. Yes I have! I make things all the time. Out of cardboard. Pipe cleaners. Paper Mache and wire, paint. And the most essential one of all the little things I create for my son... Duct tape. or as he calls it, "Goose tape". I love him. The next few posts are things I've created for my son. I completely do plan to get back to illustrating, but that will just have to wait a bit longer.

Before Felix was born, his Dad and I wanted to collaborate on a painting for his room. Jorge came up with a sketch as we talked about what we wanted it to have - robots, monsters, animals... and more than anything in the world, we agreed, we would always wish him happiness.

I took the sketch, transferred it to a 20x30 canvas, and painted it with acrylics. This all came together over about a year - it began before he was born, then a few things happened: I closed my shop and birthed a baby, then never slept again. His 1st birthday was coming up and I promised to finish it for that day. I did! 

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